Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Simple Boat Creation

So my son asked me to make him a paper boat. He said, "mummy, can you please make a boat for me so I can sail it?" My puzzled look did not seem to give him the answer. I then said to him, " baby mummy will try, but I really don't remember how to make a paper boat." Ashamed, especially being a creative teacher, looked at him and said, "ask yuh daddy, maybe he can help. He took it to his father and for the love of greatness, he too could not remember how to make a paper boat. I quickly said, "babe, maybe we should Google it..." I obviously offended him as he gave me a shameful look and said, " Google it! Daz rel sad, rel cah remember how to make a boat doh," as he shook his head. Of course we were both embarrassed, because who doesn't know how to make a simple boat creation and this little boy was counting on us to make the best boat ever. Eventually I did Google it and found a simple visual with the directions as to how to make a paper boat for all the other hopeless parents out there. Hope this helps!