Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Lost Love….

(In memory of a dear friend)

An untimely disappearance in the winds
My heart knew….
The pain I felt when he left, within my stomach
Unconscious to what was wrong
Until I heard… a nightmare of a displaced vision
A whisper that drew a doubtful blank
I had no emotion; no thought
Lost in the truth that unfolded
Holding my breath; losing my mind; a point of disbelief
Then without a sign,
A tear shed; a feeling of numbness grew closer
My face reddened by the thought of no return
Trembling hands, shaken lips
Seeing just a world of despair and hopelessness
My heart deepened with sorrow and forced rage.
No goodbye… just words of, “I’m busy, will talk to you later,” exactly!
Left a hole in the place where was ripped from my body
Like the time we shared an unborn being for a moment…
How do I go on without true love….and just love?
A prayer; a tear; a word of hurtful expression
I still remain in a place where I am trapped
As I wait for his unattained arrival….my dreams are alive!
Not knowing how to get out
As he was always there to set me free.
Now gone, to show me I can do….
Do the best on my own and keep strong
He would live within my body, mind and soul
A best friend; a ’husband; a listening ear….
A love now lost, but not forgotten
My heart holds the memory of an angel departed.

By Janeel Archer-Royer

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  1. Written from the heart with true deep expressions of a lifetime that can only be recaptured in sweet memories.
    This is excellent!!
    RIP Kerwin!
    All the best J!!


  2. this is tuff...dint know u had all this talent too.well said..hope everything is good with ya..stay bless...sure he is watching down smiling at yuh!!!!

  3. this is so cool. this was real good written with love. good job :)

  4. hmmm...GG u have talent.. keep it up, i like it :-)

  5. well thought out and heartfelt. I can feel the sorrow in your words, but just know he's in a better place and will always be there with you.

  6. Very beautiful and touching Janeel, I could feel your emotions through your words and that is what fantastic poetry is all about. Thank you for sharing it

  7. This is very nice... I've never been through this, but trust me, I can relate.. I am in tears.. Good job J... Luv, Heidi...

  8. I know it's a painful deal, but remember you're not alone.

    - E Jay

  9. Brought to tears by the thought of u in pain. Well written Gigi an remember I'm only a phonecall away if u need me.

    Luv ya lots!!!

  10. The Blog looks great, I love your color choice.There is one thing though...the text in your banner blends in with the butterfly's and its hard to read.

  11. Very Sweet and heartfelt,You're good very good I like how it finish ,but you don't rhyme,go figure:) its very good (fab.
    Great way to express yourself

  12. this touched me..... excellent self expression..... he would always be with you

  13. Thanks JP :)! Elle glad for the insight, Rita thanks for your overall input. Heidi hun I can share your pain...& Joey I love u!

  14. Dwight thank u for your I can! I appreciate your opinion.